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Gift Ideas For Software Developer/Programmer Babies

Posted by Xiaoying Riley on

Gift Ideas For Developer Programmer Babies

Want to buy a unique and memorable baby shower gift for your developer colleague or programmer friend who just had a baby? Want to impress and delight the new parents? As a mom to a growing baby/toddler I’ve got some coding/programming related gift ideas for you!

Coding Books For Babies

Baby Loves Coding

Baby Loves Coding Book
Baby Loves Coding Book Inside

This book is colorful and fun for little babies to explore and because it explains coding really well you can use it to give your little one his/her first coding lesson when they become toddlers. I’ve got this book for my daughter so her dad can teach her some basic coding chops in the near future. :)

Below is the Amazon link:

Baby Loves Coding

HTML & JavaScript for Babies

HTML and JavaScript For Babies Books
HTML and JavaScript For Babies Books

Those two books are great photo props. The colors are very bright so they look attractive to small babies/toddlers. Also they are board books so can stand lots of wear and tear from baby’s active play (biting)! However, you can’t take the code in the books seriously as they’re not intended for educational purposes! Although there are no pictures in the books, my daughter still loves flipping through them. I bought them because I loved the covers and I like taking photos of my daughter with them! Recommended if mum or dad is a frontend developer.

Below are the Amazon links:

HTML For Babies

JavaScript For Babies

Coding Baby Onesies & T-shirts

Gift Ideas For Developer Programmer Babies - Baby Clothing -

I’ve designed some coding themed unisex outfits for developer babies. My daughter is my inspiration for the designs and I think they will resonate with all the dev parents out there.



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