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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Programmers, Developers and Coders

Posted by Xiaoying Riley on

top gift ideas for programmers developers and coders made4dev

Looking for the perfect gift for an awesome programmer/developer/coder in your life? We’ve compiled a list of top gift ideas with product examples to give you some inspiration. Hopefully our list can help you find the most suitable gift for that person. If you’re a programmer/developer and want to add other suggestions, please leave a comment below to help others who sees this post.

Tangible Gifts

1) Rubber Ducks

A rubber duck placed on a developer’s coding desk can potentially help him/her find that annoying bug in the code. This is not a joke! Want to know how? Check out the “Rubber Duck Debugging” method. :) You can either get a giant one for wow factor or lots of little ones so the gift receiver can explain his/her code to the duckies one by one (until the bug is found)!

Rubber Duck Debugging - Gift Idea For Developers
Image Credit: Odkq
Rubber Duck Debugging - Gift Idea For Developers

2) Programming Mugs

A funny programming mug will always be well received by a programmer. Below are two examples from Amazon:

Gift idea for programmers and developers - eat sleep code mug
Gift idea for developers and programmers - coffee mug

3) Programming Mouse Pad

All developers work with computers so a mouse pad is a very practical idea. Getting a funny programming mouse pad like the one below will definitely be appreciated by a dedicated developer/coder!

Gift idea for programmers and developers - mouse pad

4) Cool Programming T-shirts

We’ve got some really cool unisex t-shirts designed for software developers/programmers/coders. They’re not the cheapest on the market but the quality/fit is superb. You can check out our customer reviews here.

If you decide to buy a t-shirt as the gift, do make sure you get the size right! You can find our detailed size guide here. If you’re still not sure please get in touch with us with your gift receiver’s rough height and weight so we can advise.

Below are some of the most popular tees:

For developers who love Git:
Programming T-shirt - Git To Da Choppa -

“Git To Da Choppa” T-shirt

This shirt is very popular among developers who love the “Predator” film as they’ll get the joke there.

Programming T-shirt - History Is Written By the Committers -

“History Is Written By The Committers” T-shirt

This shirt is great for developers who “Git commit” on a daily basis.

For developers who love funny programming shirts:
For developers who love coffee or beer:
For developers who love Star Wars:

If the developer is a Star Wars fan then he/she will get the joke and reference straightaway.

For developers who just became new parents:

Check out our programming onesies and t-shirts for babies:

programming baby onesie - Future Coding Buddy -
Programming Baby Onesie - Coding Skills Loading -
Programming Baby Onesie - NPM Install Milk

5) Laptop Stand

A fancy laptop stand makes a good gift for any software developer. It will be a welcome addition to the gift receiver's home office setup. Below is a good example:

6) Wireless Headphone

A decent wireless headphone is a great gift for programmers who like listening to music while coding. Coding requires a high-level of concentration, so if your budget allows, you should try getting one with the “noise-cancelling” feature to help the programmer blocking all unwanted distractions. :)

Gift Idea For Developers - Headphone

7) Mechanical KeyboardM

A lot of programmers and coders love mechanical keyboards. A quality mechanical keyboard is not cheap but you do get what you paid for. We’d recommend this DAS Keyboard 4 Professional as it’s a great all round keyboard for long coding sessions.

Gift idea for developers - mechanical keyboard

8) Standing Desk

If you want to show your love to the developer who prefers standing up while coding, a standing desk would be the perfect gift. We’d recommend VIVO as the work area is spacious and you can use it sitting down or standing up.

 Standing Desk

Virtual Gifts

9) Spotify Subscription

Does the developer listen to Spotify while coding? If so, maybe get him/her a year-long Spotify Premium subscription? You can buy a Spotify gift card here.


10) Udemy Courses

For developers who’re new to the programming field and are eager to learn, Udemy courses can be invaluable to them. Want to know how to gift a course? Follow the link here.

Below is a list of popular courses:





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