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The Made4Dev Story

Made4Dev is a brand created by designer Xiaoying Riley in 2018.

Throughout Xiao's career as a UX/UI designer, she worked with lots of talented developers and stayed friends with them. She loves working with developers (and having beer/banter in the pub with them!) She made her first free Bootstrap portfolio theme for developers back in 2014 as a side project. The theme was very popular among developers and has been downloaded 200,000+ times.

Ever since then, she discovered her passion for creating things for developers. She aspires to be a product maker and create value for developers via her design products. You can find all the free templates she made for developers on :)

One afternoon in Aug 2018, she was browsing some developer jokes online and came across a funny developer t-shirt. She went ahead and bought the t-shirt for her husband (who is also a developer). Although the design was clever, the t-shirt itself felt low quality, looked boxy and didn't hold shape after washing. Disappointed by the purchase, she thought to herself: Why don't I start making developer t-shirts? Surely I can use premium quality t-shirts as the base! The very next day, she started designing her first t-shirt and "Made4Dev" was born.

Made4Dev's mission is to create premium apparels for developers with designs they can relate to. Xiao will add new designs gradually so join our mailing list to be the first to know when there're new products.

Xiaoying Riley

Hey, it’s Xiao here. Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, or need help.

PS. I tweet about useful UX and Webdev related content and resources, follow me on Twitter if you’re interested :)

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